Helping the most vulnerable people in and around Syria

Singing for Syrians is a nationwide initiative offering a positive way to raise money for some of Syria’s most vulnerable people.

Hold Your Own Event

What is Singing
for Syrians?

Singing for Syrians encourages individuals, local communities, churches and schools across the UK to hold their singing event as part of a wider initiative in December 2016. These uplifting events are open to everyone, especially children. Food and drinks are encouraged and we hope the events can be positive and generous at a time when Syrians need our help more than ever.

Successful concerts will set a precedent for subsequent years, which will be vital if we are to help Syria to recover from the current disaster.

Who are we

The money raised from these events will be distributed inside and around Syria to some of the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis.

We believe it is vital that aid goes to Syrians still inside, and nearby. We offer them support to allow individuals to work and return to work.

For more information on the projects we support please visit

How you can help

Organise your own concert

A ‘Hold Your Own’ pack is available free to anyone who wants to get involved. It includes event ideas, sponsorship tips, carol choices, readings with a Christmas or Syrian theme, suggestions for churches with choirs and organs, options for schools, printouts for pews, recipe suggestions and much more.

Order your free pack below and we will email or post it to you right away! Once you have a date in the diary, let us know so we can add it to our events calendar and help you publicise it, or just post it there to inspire others to hold their own.

Order a Free 'Hold Your Own' Pack

Attend an event near you

You can support Singing for Syrians even if you can't hold your own. Why not look at the map and attend one of the events being runby people in your area. There will be lots to choose from across the UK.

View upcoming events

Raise money at an event you are already holding

We recognise that time is short, and you may want to collect for “Singing for Syrians” at an event that is already planned. Details of where the money is going are available with the Hold Your Own pack and we can help with publicising your event, on here and in the local press.

Attend our flagship carol concert in Parliament's church – St Margaret’s Westminster

Early bird tickets now available below. With readings and music from special guests.

Upcoming Events

What happened last year?

In 2015 Singing for Syrians raised £80000 for the Hands Up Foundations work in Syria, supporting two projects:

Paying medical salaries in Aleppo and funding a prosthetic limb clinic for Syrians in Turkey. For more information on where your money goes click here